Restore Art to Perfection

It can be heart breaking when a sentimental piece of art is damaged or begins to show wear and tear. Damage can be caused by dirt, dust, mold, water, fire, insects, or tears in the canvas. Over time, artwork may start to show signs of discolouration, dullness, yellowing, chipping, or flaking.
The decision to restore artwork needs careful consideration.

What to consider when restoring art

Before finding someone to help with art restoration services, be prepared to be asked questions such as:

  • How valuable is the piece?
  • Does it have emotional value?
  • When was the artwork created?
  • Who was the artist (if known)?
  • What are the dimensions of the piece?
  • What is the extent of the damage?

Restoring artwork is an art in itself

Checking the background of the conservator is important. Training, years of experience, and skillset should be confirmed. Conservators will have knowledge of art history, art materials used in the past and present, chemistry, and

Art restoration can help restore what was once beautiful so that it can be enjoyed and admired for many more years to come.

What to ask when restoring art

  • What is your opinion on the condition?
  • What is your proposed treatment?
  • What is the estimated cost?
  • What is the lifetime expectancy of the artwork?

Preservation of artwork extends the life of the piece. Using the best materials available now plays an important role in preserving it for the future.

Looking for Art Restoration in the Northern Beaches?

Your treasured art piece needs the care of an experienced and trusted art conservator. Finding the right conservator to restore artwork can be a daunting process. Treasured pieces of art that has been damaged over time are highly respected and treated with care at Pickwick Picture Framers. Based in the Northern Beaches, we can help restore your artwork ethically, professionally and with care.  We only work with qualified professional art conservators to handle your cherished pieces.

Contact us for more information on artwork restoration.