Conservation Framing

At Pickwick Picture Framers, our job is to make a good presentation while protecting the artwork as much as possible.

While creating display framing, the decision made and materials used by the framer can have a profound effect on the artwork’s future. Conservation framing has become an important part of Pickwick Picture Framers responsibility.

Our goal, when using conservation framing materials and techniques, is to preserve and protect the art as much as possible, using products and procedures that have the least effect on the item being framed, and can be easily reversed.

Conservation framing involves techniques and materials. The methods require knowledge and experience, and the materials we use are the best quality available. Conservation framing requires passion for art and dedication to preserve it for the future, and we practice conservation because we feel responsible, customers expect it and the professionalism of the industry depends on it.


What Customers Expect

Most customers believe that by walking into a frame shop and handing their artwork to a framer, the work will be preserved and protected. The customer may not realise that different types of art may be treated differently, or that the quality of the framing may vary from framer to framer and from frame job to frame job. They may assume that the framer, as a professional, will do “whatever is good for the art”. The customer may think that conservation methods and materials will be used because, after all, they brought their art to a professional custom framer.


We discuss conservation with our customers. An educated customer can make informed decision about her/his artwork. After explaining the purpose and the cost of conservation framing, the customer chooses which method she/he prefers.